Glock 43x


Glock 43X Specification

What’s in the Box.

Gun Specifications

Type: Gas-Operated Rotating Bolt Semi-Automatic

Type: .357 Magnum

Barrel Length: 6″

Generally speaking Length: 10.75″

Score Diameter: .357″

Tallness: 6.25″

Slide Width: 1.25″

Development: High-Quality Carbon Steel Barrel

Casing and Slide W/Full Picatinny Rail

Finish: Black Oxide

Trigger: Single Action Approx. 4 lb. Pull

Trigger Reach: 2.75″

Sight Radius: 8.5″

Sights: Combat Type Fixed

Polygonal Rifling w/Right Hand Twist 6 Lands and Grooves: 1 turn in 14″

Weight (Empty Magazine): 4 lbs.

Magazine Capacity: 9 Rounds

Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol

(1) 9 Round Magazine

Link Lock

Activity Manual DVD

Guidance Manual



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what are Glock 43X characteristics?

The Glock 43x has a 10-round capacity considering the height of the gun which is similar to a Glock 19 that seems somewhat substandard. One thing to take into account is the Glock 43x is under an inch thick. The Glock 19 is 1.2 inches thick at the widest point.

So, the Glock 43x is much slimmer than the Glock 19, yet it still allows you to get all three fingers on the grip of the gun.

Something that shorter guns like the Glock 43 and the Sig P365 do not. Glock uses its standard polymer-coated metal magazines which is one of the reasons it can’t fit any more ammunition than 10 rounds in a gun of this size.

Buy Glock 43X Magazine Well

The Glock 43x has a surprisingly decent mag well. Even though it is not great but it seems a little bit better than most of the other guns in its class considering the gun is under an inch thick. It’s beveled on all four sides and there’s just enough to help you guide the magazine into the gun.

How to maintain Glock 43X

Maintaining the Glock 43x is fairly simple; it takes down just like any other Glock.

General Rules

1. Read your owner’s manual!

Do yourself a favor and read the manual that came with your gun. The manufacturer has recommendations on how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble your pistol. There’s some good stuff in there, honest.

2. Follow the safety rules!

Before you attempt to disassemble and clean your firearm, you must safely unload/clear it following the process described by the manufacturer or your agency, and ensure that the ammunition remains separate from the gun until you’ve made the conscious decision to load it again.

3. Clean the Glock 43X

Maintaining the Glock 43x is fairly simple; it takes down just like any other Glock. So, you have two levers that you have to pull down each side of the frame using your support hand thumb, and index finger and then let the slide drop forward. Before you can let the slide drop forward, the sear has to be disengaged, which means you must pull the trigger. So, if that’s an issue for you, this gun may not be for you.

Now one thing I will note is the Glock comes in two different slide colors. One is a silver finish that shows dirt like crazy.

The slide looks really good from a distance because it’s just something different from a normal black Glock. That said if you actually plan to use the gun put it in a holster and shoot it. It’s going to show carbon and holster material like crazy.

The finish on it does not seem great. It does do a great job protecting the metal, but it is not a beautiful finish like you would expect on a silver-sided gun.

The black melonite finish on the Glock 43x which is black is standard Glock melanite and it usually performs pretty well, although there have been some issues with it in the past in certain batches

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