The GLOCK 17L is an ideal competition pistol with a long barrel, a slotted and accurately balanced slide, long sight radius and a slightly lighter trigger pull for ultimate precision.




g17l compact is really a famous workhorse of a gun. Thusly, it is extraordinary incentive for cash.

Chambered for type 9 x 19 mm, the glock 19 offers great capability.

Because of its decreased measurements, it is an optimal day by day convey firearm without forfeiting extremely significant magazine limit.

The reversible magazine get makes it ideal for left-gave shooters who are frequently not provided food for.

The universes top of the line 9mm gun

There are around 35,000 furnished staff who work for the New York authority. More than 66% are assessed to have picked the G19 as their administration sidearm.

The truth of the matter is that The Glock 19 is essentially simpler and more agreeable for disguised convey than most different choices.

What might be said about the exactness? There’s truly very little contrast between the G19 with its 102mm barrel and the 114mm barrel of the full-outline Glock 17, as far as sight span and commonsense precision.

Because of the somewhat more limited slide of the G19, it cycles quicker and gets back on track faster.

Moreover, a G19 can utilize a 17-round G17 magazine or a 33-round magazine.

g17l RTF2

Unpleasant Textured Finish age 2 is accessible for the 19 Gen 3.

This is a more costly choice. This more forceful, non-slip surface gives a safer grasp and better foothold.

Some say that this is the best grasp surface Glock has at any point made truth be told eclipsing the Gen 4 finished surface.

Type – 9mm Para

Mag Capacity – 15. discretionary 17/19/31/33

Weight Unloaded – 670g

Barrel length – 102

Size (LxWxH) – 185x32x128

25 years of being adorned, altered and rethought in innumerable films, network shows and computer games, the Desert Eagle® Pistol has arisen as a mainstream society symbol.

What’s in the Box.

Gun Specifications

Type: Gas-Operated Rotating Bolt Semi-Automatic

Type: .357 Magnum

Barrel Length: 6″

Generally speaking Length: 10.75″

Score Diameter: .357″

Tallness: 6.25″

Slide Width: 1.25″

Development: High Quality Carbon Steel Barrel

Casing and Slide W/Full Picatinny Rail

Finish: Black Oxide

Trigger: Single Action Approx. 4 lb. Pull

Trigger Reach: 2.75″

Sight Radius: 8.5″

Sights: Combat Type Fixed

Polygonal Rifling w/Right Hand Twist 6 Lands and Grooves: 1 turn in 14″

Weight (Empty Magazine): 4 lbs.

Magazine Capacity: 9 Rounds

Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol

(1) 9 Round Magazine

Link Lock

Activity Manual DVD

Guidance Manual

The new lighter version of this popular Desert Eagle .357 Mag is 3 pounds 1.6 oz. which also makes it New York State compliant. The DE357L5IMB comes with one 9-round magazine.


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