h&k usp co2 airsoft


The HK USP CO2 Airsoft Pistol is the competitor’s choice for fast, accurate CO2 action during airsoft competitions.


h&k usp co2 airsoft.

The h&k usp co2 airsoft Pistol is the contender’s decision for quick, precise CO2 activity during air-soft contests.

Metal barrel and parts.

16-round mag.

Incorporated embellishment rail Built-in Hop-Up System.

The Umarex H&K USP Co2 Non-Blowback airs-soft gun is a Co2 air-soft gun with a proper slide.

The proper slide implies less mileage on the internals and additional time shooting.

The USP Co2 non-blowback gun additionally accompanies a 16-round metal magazine and magazine discharges on each side of the trigger gatekeeper.

This is an Officially authorised reproduction with Heckler and Koch GmbH Trademarks.

We suggest our Valken 12g Co2 cartridges for use with this Umarex air-soft gun.

The H&K CO2 Air-soft Pistol is a full measured reproduction of the genuine H&K USP.

Furthermore, It takes shots at a great 360 FPS with 0.20g BBs and accompanies formally authorised H&K Trademarks.

With a practical wellbeing and without drop 16 BB CO2 magazine.

Uniquely, this gun is a moderate and precise sidearm for any air-soft player.

Gun Specifications

H&K USP Replica Air-soft Pistol highlighting authorised H&K Trademarks.

360 FPS with 0.20g BBs.

Practical, flexible bounce up unit for prevalent reach and exactness.

Strategic White Dot Iron Sights.

Moving Hammer.

One of a kind Serial Number.

16 Round Drop Free Magazine.

Utilizations a solitary 12g CO2 Cartridge embedded into the magazine.

1 CO2 cartridge frequently keeps going numerous magazine reloads – very gas proficient.

Tip top Force now offers the H&K USP series in a CO2 Metal Gas Blowback rendition.

H&K Airsoft Gun

Moreover, the gun utilise standard 12 gram (12g) Metal unthreaded Co2 cartridges which are of course accessible anyplace.

Additionally, this gun has a metal slide and finished polymer outline like the genuine article.

It’s fire controls emulate that of HK’s USP Variant 1.

The magazines are metal also and hold 18 BBs.

Make certain to load up on the extra right Co2 Magazine for this weapon.


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